Professional Courses

Professional Courses

  • Pesticides Application, Hand Held or Knapsack Sprayers (PA6aw) for Application to or near Water


    PA6aw or  Hand Held Applicators  (including pedestrian controlled machines but excluding misters and foggers).  This course covers all safety checks, calibration, maintenance and correct use of hand held pesticides applicators for use on or next to water.

  • Pesticides Application, Pesticides Plug (PA6PP) new



    Installing Pesticide Plugs in Tree Stumps (PA6PP)

    What Does This Course Offer?

    It gives you the practical skills and understanding required to prepare a person to be assessed for the City & Guilds qualification.


    This course is aimed at people needing the legislative qualification for installing pesticide plugs into tree stumps. It is designed to help people to successfully prepare for their City & Guilds assessment. The course is one day in duration, with attendance required for the practical assessment on another day following the course. The assessment will take up to one and a half hours.

    Entry Requirements

    Candidates must have successfully achieved their PA1 assessment prior to being assessed for PA6PP.



  • Stem Injection (PA6INJ)


    This is a one day course focusing on the stem injection method of applying pesticides for the control of invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed etc. Please note you need to hold PA1 ( Foundation Unit) as a pre-requisite to this course. You might be able to take your assessment on the same […]