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Rodent Control on Farms

Pest Control

This course is  for anyone working in agriculture who needs to buy rodenticide for professional use.

From March 2018, anyone wishing to purchase over 300g of block or 150g of wheat-based rodenticide must complete training in responsible rodenticide use.   This course meets those requirements and also meets the standards of the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU).   It’s the responsibility of anyone working in pest control to be familiar with legislation surrounding the humane and effective management of rats and mice.

This course focuses on both preventive and curative methods of rodent control. It will teach learners how to use the most efficient and safe method of control whilst minimising damage to the environment.

Whilst the course covers key rodent control legislation, it’s essential that anyone working in pest control keeps up-to-date with changes in legislation and best practice.

There are five modules in this course. A minimum score of 80% is required to pass it.

The course covers:

  • Why is it necessary to control rodents?
  • The biology and behaviour of rodents
  • Legislation
  • Carrying out a survey
  • Non-chemical methods
  • Current rodenticides and formulations
  • Safe transportation and disposal of rodenticides
  • Completing documentation.

Upon successful completion, a Lantra certificate of training will be available to download and print.


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