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Professional Bed Bug Control

Pest Control

The course is ideal for anyone responsible for managing and controlling bed bugs. It covers the safe use of chemicals, biology and bed bug control methods, helping people plan and carry out effective bed bug control and management.

Focusing on the biology and of the insects, their habitats and the reasons for their control, this course also highlights some of the risks of bed bug control.

This course covers:

  • Legislation that affects pest management
  • Common terms for using biocides
  • Public health biocides product labels
  • Safe storage and transport of biocides
  • Disposal of biocides and containers
  • Keeping biocide records
  • Introduction and lifecycle of bed bugs
  • Biology and behaviour
  • Bed bug population changes
  • Signs of an infestation
  • Reasons for control
  • Safety and legislation
  • Non-chemical treatment options
  • Chemical control
  • Commercial bed bug management.

There are five modules in this course. A minimum score of 70% is required to pass it.

Upon successful completion, a Lantra certificate of training will be available to download and print.


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