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Assessments with East Malling Assessment Centre

East Malling Assessment Centre, approved by City & Guilds (NPTC), was established in April 2017 as part of East Malling Short Courses. This has been a natural progression for the training centre, which has grown to become successful and well regarded since its inception in June 2011.

NPTC was established more than 50 years ago as part of the City and Guilds Group it is the largest recognised awarding body within the environmental and land-based sectors for vocational qualifications. Skills are assessed on the candidates experience, competence, technical knowledge and understanding, resulting in the candidate being assessed as ‘Competent’ or ‘Not Yet Competent’.

East Malling Assessment Centre is located on the picturesque East Malling Research Centre site. It is within easy access of the M20 motorway, East Malling train station and is situated a few miles west of Maidstone. It boasts its own classroom, which is available for hire and  is set up to be used for on-line assessments as required.

The Centre works with a wide experienced team of trainers and NPTC approved assessors, who are all audited by external verifiers working within this industry. We offer a wide range of courses, which can then be independently assessed.

Please contact us if you are interested in training, booking an assessment or becoming an assessor.

Note: Assessment fees are included in our course costs. You only need to pay these fees if you are only doing an assessment with us and have taken the training elsewhere.
Unit Course Description Candidates
/ day
206,306CS38Access a tree using a rope and harness and perform aerial rescue4£48.00£90.00£138.00
201CS30Chainsaw Maintenance4£32.00£30.00£62.00
202CS30Cross cut timber using a chainsaw (Level 2)4£32.00£75.00£107.00
201-202CS30Chainsaw maintenance and cross cutting (Level 2)4£48.00£95.50£143.50
203CS31Felling and processing of trees up to 380mm (Level 2)4£32.00£90.00£122.00
204CS37Branch removal4£32.00£90.00£122.00
201CS30Chainsaw Maintenance Level 24£32.00£75.00£107.00
101PA1Foundation Module1£32.00£76.00£108.00
111PA2ABoom Sprayer Hydraulic nozzle2£32.00£140.00£172.00
112PA2CAir/Fluid Nozzle Horizontal Boom Sprayer2£32.00£140.00£172.00
113PA2EWith downward air assistance2£32.00£140.00£172.00
114PA2DWick Type Adapter4£32.00£105.00£137.00
115PA2EVehicle Mounted Kerb Sprayer4£32.00£114.00£146.00
121PA3ABroadcast Sprayer with Air Assistance2£32.00£140.00£172.00
122PA3BVariable Geometry Boom Sprayer with Air Assistance2£32.00£140.00£172.00
123PA3CVariable Geometry Boom Sprayer without Air Assistance2£32.00£140.00£172.00
131PA4AGranular Pesticide Applicator3£32.00£118.00£150.00
132PA4BSlug Pellet Aplicator3£32.00£118.00£150.00
151PA6AHand held/hydraulic nozzle4£32.00£98.00£130.00
152PA6AWHand held/applying near to or near water4£32.00£98.00£130.00
153PA6GApplying pellets or granules4£32.00£98.00£130.00
154PA6GWApply pellets or granules near water3£32.00£118.00£150.00
155PA6PPPesticide plugs in tree stumps6£32.00£76.00£108.00
156PA6INJHandheld pesticide injection equipment6£32.00£76.00£108.00
157PA6MCOperating other hand held, requiring minimal calibration6£32.00£76.00£108.00
181PA9APesticide mists, fogs and smokes - mists indoors3£32.00£125.00£157.00
182PA9BMists outdoors3£32.00£125.00£157.00
183PA9CPesticide fogs indoors3£32.00£125.00£157.00
184PA9DPesticide smokes indoors3£32.00£125.00£157.00

1 – This charge is per person.
2 – This charge is per person but if the group size is smaller than the maximum number an extra charge could be applied.
3 – Assessment fees are VAT exempt.


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