New partnership to deliver innovative digital tools to boost viticulture sector

Horticultural research institute NIAB EMR has announced a digital solution, delivered by ABACO, to drive further quality improvements and profitability of the UK viticulture sector.

The partnership between NIAB EMR and ABACO, Europe’s leading provider of software solutions for land resource management, will focus on developing a digital platform that optimises the delivery of information and the application of data-driven technologies.

The ’Digital Vineyard’ platform will provide a single view on all agronomic data and bring added-value to vineyard managers by digitising their fields, down to individual plants, enabling them to monitor events in real-time including weather conditions, presence of pests and diseases, and support growers implement agriculture best practice. It will also allow quick and effective communication with NIAB EMR scientists via a software App.

The Digital Vineyard is open to future technological advances and use of novel data collection tools, such as drones and satellites.

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