Ten-year vision for science will deliver benefits to growers, consumers and the environment

A ten-year vision for agricultural science will see delivery of benefits to growers, consumers and the environment

Today (4/3/20) NIAB EMR’s Managing Director, Professor Mario Caccamo, presented his vision of data-driven science providing practical solutions to many of the complex and interwoven challenges facing agriculture as the UK looks to see a life beyond Brexit.

Caccamo commented at the Farm Expo 2020 event, held at the Detling Showground, “Connectivity of new technologies needs to ensure that science has impact – from growing systems to the varieties we plant with improved drought or disease resistance. The changing climate will bring challenges to be dealt with, but also opportunities that we will seize. Initiatives such as the Growing Kent & Medway partnership, bringing research and commerce together, are crucial for the investment in the right infrastructure to ensure science is adopted for commercial benefit.”

“Data and our ability to fully combine and interrogate that data, is set to be at the heart of delivering robust new advances which will see plant-based production systems answering food and environmental agendas – the future of that science, though still in its relative infancy, is extremely exciting!”

Mario Caccamo was speaking at the Farm Expo’s headline seminar on “Future Farming – The Next Ten Years” which discussed what farmers can expect to see in the next decade for the farming industry