Giant Hogweed Control

Due to the public health concerns of leaving Giant Hogweed growing along footpaths and other accessible places and since we are able to carry out the needed control treatments whilst lone working….despite the current Covid 19 health crisis, we were given the go ahead to continue our work on Giant Hogweed. Since little other work has been taking place, the team have been able to dedicate a lot of time to this task and we’ve had a great start to our INNS control season.

However because of the mild winter the plants seem to be that much more established than in previous years and we’ve had the extra logistical hurdle of lone working. Normally stretches of towpath can be covered in one direction and a support vehicle can be strategically placed, but this year we have had to double back.

Still, via walking footpaths in this way and visiting individual locations on foot, we have been able to treat over 11,000 Giant Hogweed plants this spring so far.

We need to cover the river by boat soon and there is a lot of work on other species to do but….it’s a great start to the Giant Hogweed control season on the Medway.