East Malling Short Courses

East Malling Short Courses, established in June 2011, supplies professional training for land based industries, in particular fruit growers in Kent and the South East and for enthusiastic amateur gardeners who are interested in caring for their fruit trees.

EMSC also organises tours of the world famous Research Station and  of the historically renowned Bradbourne House, home of the East Malling Trust.

We are still keeping Covid-Safe!

It’s an everchanging ( but hoefully improving) situation which we review frequently with our team. We are trying to remain Covid-Safe and offer a safe and comfortable environment for our learners, trainers and assessors.

What are we doing?

We’re limiting numbers and maintaining good ventilation. We’ve moved to a larger training room and spaced the seating so there’s a comfortable distance for everyone. We have lots of space as well as air con or all the windows can be opened on request. A lot of our courses are held outside, so fresh air and distancing shouldn’t be a problem.

We’re checking on the wellness of the team every day.

We ask our trainers, assessors and visitors to our site to let us know how they’re feeling and we take their details to track and trace if necessary. In these challenging times its good to listen and be on top of things.

We’re socially distancing, everywhere we can.

Our rules prevent staff from working in close contact where possible and they all have hand sanitiser, gloves, face screens and masks.

We’re cleaning and cleaning..

We wash our hands between tasks, and our cleaners come in and clean twice a day. 
We have enough equipment so you don’t have to share.
in the unlikely event you might have to use something someone else has touched, we have sprays wipes and gloves to keep you safe.
You are always welcome to bring your own if you are happier.

What we’d like your help with….

Please don’t come if you’re feeling unwell.
If you, or someone you live with, are suffering from symptoms that may be Covid-19 related please let us know so we can re-arrange your training Don’t come out if you are in any doubt.
Please use the sanitiser provided at the entrance, exit and toilets.
Please use the hand sanitiser liberally. We’ve a plentiful supply of hand sanitiser and masks so if you need any, just let us know.

Please feel free to use our take away service at our Cafe.

Our cafe is open for food and drinks. We would love you to use it.

Try our e-learning courses


Please tell us if you are feeling concerned about anything, anything at all.

Please don’t feel that any concerns you have are trivial or not important to us.

YOU are important to us.


East Malling Assessment Centre, approved by City &Guilds (NPTC), was established in April 2017 as part of East Malling Short Courses.  This has been a natural progression for the training centre, which has grown to become successful and well regarded since its inception in June 2011.

NPTC was established more than 50 years ago as part of the City and Guilds Group it is the largest recognised awarding body within the environmental and land-based sectors for vocational qualifications.  Skills are assessed on the candidate’s experience, competence, technical knowledge and understanding resulting the in the candidate being assessed as ‘Competent’ or ‘Not Yet Competent’.

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Courses for the Professional and Amateur Gardener

There is a continuous need by employers for staff to obtain technical and statutory qualifications. EMSC aims to serve this sector and provide high quality training for legislative requirements. EMSC is a registered Lantra Awards approved Training Provider and can also provide training for a wide variety of NPTC certificates of competence.

We also offer workshops for the enthusiastic gardeners who want to learn to look after their fruit trees.

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History Tours of East Malling Research and Bradbourne House.

History Tours of East Malling Research with our local renowned historian. These tours will give you an interesting insight into the research station over the past 100 years. Find out how (NIAB) EMR has helped fruit production globally and helped shape the Garden of England into what it is today.

Let us guide you around Bradbourne House, a stunning Grade I listed building, revealing it’s often little known past which in parts dates back to Tudor times.

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